What's In My Disneyland Bag?

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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I'm a huge Disneyland fan. I've been going on a pretty regular basis since I was about 10 years old and I've had an annual pass on and off since 2006! Visiting Disney on a regular basis has taught me a lot about what is important to bring with you for an enjoyable day in the parks! I hate having to carry around a heavy bag full of things that I think I might need but don't end up using! I try to pack as lightly as possible for a day at the parks and bring only the essentials. This list may need to be adjusted based on your personal needs but I think it's a great starting point for anyone planning a Disney trip!

As for the type of bag I like to take, I prefer taking something small and hands-free! I usually will carry a small crossbody bag or my Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack!

Small wallet

I know it's really obvious to bring a wallet, but I like to make sure I switch into a smaller card holder instead of my large wallet. For a day at Disney, I just need my debit card, some cash, my ID, and my annual pass. Leave the heavy wallet at home!

My small wallet is a hot pink card holder from Kate Spade. Shop a similar wallet here.


Sunglasses are one of my top must haves for an enjoyable day at Disneyland! The sun can sometimes be insanely bright, even outside of summer. My eyes are pretty sensitive to sunlight (they're blue) so I never leave the house without a pair anyway.

I've been loving these Quay Australia sunglasses. They're currently out of stock, but you can shop a similar pair here.

Portable phone charger

Disney days can end up being pretty long days, which means your phone battery is likely to go down pretty fast. I always bring a portable phone charger with me so I can keep my phone at 100% for photos and access to the Disneyland app. Disneyland does offer portable charger rentals but I feel like that is an unnecessary added expense. Bringing your own portable charger is a much cheaper way of staying charged all day!


I always bring headphones with me for times when I'm in a long line or if I want to take a break, relax somewhere and people watch. I don't always end up using them but they are nice to have in my bag just in case.

Depending on how long I'm going to be at Disneyland, I will either take my Apple AirPods or my regular Apple headphones.

Lip balm

I never leave the house without some kind of lip balm. I would absolutely go crazy if I had to spend a whole day at Disney without any. My favorite lip balm are the round ones by EOS and I keep one in every single one of my bags so I'm never without! I may also include a lipstick depending on my plans for the day.

Refillable water bottle

Bottled water is hands down the biggest waste of money at Disney! I would much rather spend my money on the amazing food or fun souvenirs. I always bring a refillable water bottle with me and it's usually one of my S'well bottles because they keep my water cold all day. You can refill your water at any restaurant in the park that lets you pour your own drinks and you aren't limited to refilling only when you eat. You can walk in and refill your water without buying anything! I usually refill in the Plaza Inn on Mainstreet or Pizza Port in Tomorrowland.

I usually bring my Lilly Pulitzer S'well but they are sold out everywhere. Here are some really cute similar options: gold marble, solid colors, matte pink.


Southern California is sunny and warm almost all year long. Regardless of when you're planning on visiting the parks, you really should wear and bring sunscreen with you! The sun can be really brutal, especially while standing in an outdoor line for a ride. I like to bring a small bottle with me; travel size is preferred so it takes up less space.

The sunscreen that I prefer to use is Sun Bum in SPF 50. They have it in lotion and spray.


I like to keep a little container of Advil in my bag for emergency headaches. This might just be me, but sometimes I will get a headache from being out in the heat and sun for too long. I'd rather have a couple on me just in case than have to suffer through a potential headache!

Those are my top must haves for my Disneyland bag. Depending on the weather forecast, I may include a sweater or a jacket. When I do bring a jacket, I sometimes get a small locker for the day to put it in when it's too warm to wear. I'd rather spend a few dollars than carry it around with me when I don't need to wear it!

What is something you have to take with you to Disney? 

Did I miss one of your must haves? Let me know in the comments!


  1. All of these items are definitely Disney essentials! I usually bring my DSLR or GoPro in my bag, too.

    1. Those are great things to bring too! I've actually never taken my DSLR. I should really try it out next time I go!