So I Tried Blue Light Glasses...

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Just like most millennials, I spend a decent amount of my day staring at a screen. Over the past few months, I had begun to notice a big change in the way my eyes were feeling. They were feeling dry, strained, and tired even early in the day. I decided I needed to give blue light blocking glasses a try. I had heard so much about them over the past few years, especially from other bloggers and Instagrammers, but I wasn't really sold on them. 

Even though I wasn't really sure if they'd help, I purchased a pair from EyeBuyDirect. I spent a long time deciding between the different brands that offer blue light blocking glasses and honestly, I decided to order from EyeBuyDirect because they were having a 30% off sale. I ended up choosing the Chilling glasses in tortoise with the EBDBlue 1.59 lenses. I chose these frames because they are a little larger and as a plus size woman, I didn't want the glasses I got to look too small on my face.

As of today, I have been using my blue light blocking glasses for almost a month. I honestly could not be happier with my choice to give them a try. I have noticed a huge difference in how my eyes feel after a long day and many hours in front of a screen. My eyes feel much less dry and tired at the end of the day compared to a month ago. 

I had also heard about how blue light blocking glasses can help with headaches, but I didn't really think they would help me with that. I have suffered from frequent headaches since I was a child and I believed it didn't have anything to do with screen time. Since I have been using these glasses, my headaches have been cut down significantly. I was getting approximately 3-5 headaches per week prior to trying these glasses. Over the past month using these glasses, I have had approximately 3 headaches the entire month!

If you are thinking about giving them a try, I think they are worth it. While I know they haven't worked for everyone, they have worked very well for me and I'm happy that I took the chance!

Have you tried blue light blocking glasses? Have they worked for you?

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