Wicker Bags Under $100

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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There's no getting around the fact that wicker bags are very popular right now! I feel like everyone that is into wicker bags has the now iconic Cult Gaia Ark Bag, which is adorable. Even though it is really cute, it's a bit expensive and now that so many people have the same bag, it takes away from how unique the bag is a little. The great thing about wicker bags is that they definitely come and go from being trendy pretty often so if you invest in one now, it will come back into style again and again. I still feel like it isn't necessary to spend more than $100 on a wicker bag so I put together 6 really cute, unique wicker bags that will be a great investment for many Spring and Summer seasons to come!

Which bag is your favorite? I think my favorite is #1!

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